Our Kennel

Our kennel is comprised of 4 x 4 foot sleeping areas which open into a 4 x 10 foot run. We have a quiet room for Senior Dogs or special needs dogs as well as other inside pens that offer a good deal of privacy.

We offer several large outdoor exercise runs that are roofed and a large compound area which offers a great amount of freedom.

We are completely heated in winter and air conditioned in summer as required, with great circulation fans.

Beds and Bedding

We provide Kuranda Beds and blankets, if you wish to bring blankets from home, please ensure they are small enough to fit in a regular sized washing machine and dryer. Sorry, we cannot accomodate large beds or comforters.


You are welcome to bring a couple of toys, but please note that we cannot be responsible for toys and blankets that are destroyed.


We have Security Fencing all around and there are steel doors and many other doors to prevent an escape.

Feeding Practices

It is our policy to feed twice a day – or as per owners instructions. If you choose to bring your own food, please label the container with your dogs name and your last name. Pack a little extra, in case you are delayed.

We ask for complete feeding instructions on your arrival. Since we use our own Stainless Steel dishes and buckets we ask that you not bring these items from home.

Bathing and Illness

All pets are checked upon entering the kennel. If parasites are found, the pet will be bathed along with any action deemed necessary. These charges will be added to your boarding bill.

If your pet becomes ill, we will make every effort to contact you. If we are unable to do so, we will contact the veterinarian you have listed. Failing that, a vet of our choice will be contacted. All veterinarian expenses are payable by the pet owner.

Other General Information

We ask that your dog has a collar on, either nylon or leather . Sorry, we do not permit choke chains or electric collars.

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